107 W Jewett Ave.
White Salmon, Wa 98672





Everything that takes place in counseling is kept completely confidential.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

Duty to Warn: If I believe that you, my client, are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or others, then I am required by law to call the police. Many clients have suicidal thoughts. However, unless there is an actual plan, suicidal thoughts are not considered imminent danger.

If I believe that you are a victim of, or perpetrator of child abuse or elder abuse or abuse of animals, then I am required by law to report to Child Protective Services and/or to the police.

Release of Information: If you sign a r​elease ​giving me permission to share information with other medical providers, insurance companies, or with your friends, family, attorney, etc.

My admin assistant (Fern Johnson) is aware of who my clients are, but is not privy to the content of therapy sessions.

Professional Will: If I die or become incapacitated, then a predesignated mental health colleague will contact you and have access to my records.

Collections: Unpaid fees three months or older may be sent to a collection agency.


I charge $120 for 55 minute sessions ​payable at time of service. Please pay at the start of the session with cash or check. ​Payments may also be made on my web site.

For after­hours crisis support I charge a minimum of $120.

I have a s​liding fee scale​ on the honor system to help those with difficulty paying. For those on my sliding scale payment is due in c​ash ​at time of service. Late payments will be charged at my full rate.

I charge $120 minimum for written documentation (letters to court etc).

Insurance: ​​Please make your co­payment at time of service.​ Please verify with your insurance company that you are eligible for services. If your insurance company does not pay then you are responsible for payment.

Late payments will be charged a late fee and sent to collections.

Session Conduct

Please turn off cell phones.

​If you are late then your session will be shortened.

Please arrive sober and clear headed. If you seem intoxicated I will reschedule the session for another day and you will be charged for the cancelled session.

If possible provide yourself with at least one hour of quiet reflection after counseling.

I am not an on­call crisis counselor. If you think you may need crisis services (24/7 phone support), I will refer you to a more appropriate resource.


Please give 24 hour notice ​by phone. Failure to give 24 hour notice will result in a cancellation charge of $120.